Today I had the chance to sit down and play through the Captain Toad demo on my sons Nintendo 2DS, and found myself pleasantly supersized and wanting for more. Here are my thoughts and impressions on the short playtime I had with this fun puzzle adventure game.

Now apparently, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker was released all the way back in 2014 for the Nintendo Wii U. This was news to me, as I had literally just heard about this game when the demo popped up on my sons Nintendo 2DS homescreen the other day via Nintendo SpotPass. Obviously when he saw this shiny new present sitting there on his homescreen, he was eager to download it, so his Mom and I allowed the download, and about 20 minutes later he was playing Captain Toad.

At first, he had troubles figuring out how to play the game (he is only four years old, after all). Naturally, the first thing he does is gives the 2DS (which he calls a Game Boy) to Mommy so she can figure out how to play it. So she played for a little bit and ultimately got stuck on the stage where you are fighting some lava dragon monster thing, and she gave up. I asked her what she thought of the game, and her reply was that "it's probably something you would like."

So I really didn't pay much more attention to Captain Toad for the next few days, but then earlier today I thought I'd fire up the sons "Game Boy" and give Captain Toad a test drive. Right from the beginning, the game was nothing like I had expected. The game takes place in a 3d world, which you can pan the camera around using the d-pad.

Turning the camera reveals different parts of the stage and lets you find hidden items that you normally wouldn't be able to see. Right off the bat, I thought the music in Captain Toad was great, and the gameplay was just downright fun. You explore around the stage (the levels are not very big, so far as I can tell) trying to reach the star at the end. On the way you can collect diamonds, and each level seems to give you an alternate goal to try to accomplish, like "kill all of the enemies" or "collect so many coins." If you just want to speed through the level though, all you really need to collect in order to move on is the star at the end.

In a way, Captain Toad reminds me a bit of Super Mario Bros. 2 for the original NES. Several of the enemies are the same, and you pull turnips out of the ground and throw them at enemies just like you do in that glorious classic. All in all, the gameplay is relaxing and quite fun. The puzzles, at least in the levels included in the demo, are not overly complicated. In a way it seems to be more of an adventure type title rather than a straight puzzle game. Sort of like Super Mario 3d land, but maybe a bit easier.

All in all, I played through the demo in probably about 20 minutes or so, and it left me wanting for more. I went and checked it out on Amazon, and a new copy is going for $40 (I prefer physical copies to digital). I'm conflicted now, because I have been trying to save money lately, but Captain Toad seems really fun so far, and I'm tempted to splurge. Anyway, I will mull it over over the next few weeks and see what happens. The game looks and runs great on the 3DS, and I think that based solely on the first few levels contained in the demo, I can easily recommend this game to anybody.

If I end up buying the full game, I will post an updated review on the full experience, but for now, feel free to check out Captain Toad 3DS on Amazon, so you can mull it over like I'm doing:
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Nintendo 3DS

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