Alright everybody, welcome to Pocket Champions, a new blog site dedicated to mobile video game reviews, including handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. In this introductory post, I'd just like to tell you about myself, my idea for the site, and what I plan on doing here.

About Me

So first off, I am Brandon Stecklein, and I am the creator of this website. I live near Spring Hill, Kansas and I own a mobile software company called Ape Apps. Just to be up front here, the purpose of this site is not to publish glowing reviews of my own games. In fact, I do not intend to mention any of my Ape Apps projects here on Pocket Champions.

Why Pocket Champions?

So here is a good question, where did the name for the site come from? Back in 2012, I had the idea for a new mobile game called Pocket Champions, where you would create little characters, build them up, and fight other players online. It was such a great idea, I went out and bought a 10 year subscription to the domain name. The only problem is that I never ended up making the game.

Fast forward to about a week ago, I had the idea in my head to make a video game review site after searching online for reviews of Minecraft 3DS edition. So many of the review sites are now big name corporate reviews, whereas I was looking for something a bit more personal. I found what I was looking for on YouTube, but for me, I much prefer reading an article to watching a video. So I decided to put up my own site, where I could occasionally post my thoughts on various games that I have played.

So I started searching for a good domain name, but everything I could think of was already taken. Basically, anything with the name "Game" or "Gaming" in it is either already taken, or ultra expensive. So I decided to look through my list of domains, as I currently own about 80 of them through my Ape Apps business which are not even being used for anything. I was about to give up, when towards the bottom of the list I saw there. Now, the champions part is basically irrelevant, but it does have the word Pocket in it. It was the closest thing I had that would fit the bill, and the domain is already paid for up until at least 2022, so fast forward a couple of days and boom, Pocket Champions is born!

The Purpose of this Site

So we went over who I am, where the name came from, so now what is the purpose of this site going to be? There are actually a couple. The first is simply a technical demonstration and debugging platform for my own custom content management software. Everything you see on the site here has been written by me from scratch. The blogging software is one that I wrote for , and which I intend to eventually port over to another one of my websites called Role Playing Forums. The user account management system uses my own custom Ape Apps Accounts system. The embeded chat software uses my own Ape Chat service, and eventually when I publish the mobile app for this site, it will use my own custom software as well. So you could say I am a bit of a tech do-it-yourselfer, and every site that I use this software on will go a long way towards debugging and improving it, not just on here, but for all of my sites that use this stuff.

Beyond all of that, the primary purpose of this site is for posting my thoughts and reviews on different games. Some of them will be mobile games (think Android and iOS), but primarily I will be looking at games for portable Nintendo systems, like the 3DS and the Switch. I've always been a Nintendo fan, so I think it would be awesome to run and operate a Nintendo related site, so that's what I did.

So, how often will I post updates? I don't know. I will try to do at least a couple per week. Even if nobody reads them, I will at least be posting about all of the games that I currently own and play. Some of the reviews might be for older titles, but who cares? People still want to read about that stuff before they buy it. If I can help a couple of people with a buying decision, then that would be fine with me.


So there is your standard introduction to the site. I hope to add the first bit of real content shortly, with regular updates to follow. If people actually start visiting the site, there are a lot of features in my software here that I can activate, including a full Forum system for discussion. It all depends on how it plays out, so stay tuned for more!