2019-01-28 15:01:00

Minecraft 3DS Edition Discontinued

I've always thought that the 3DS version of Minecraft was a great port, and in my review of the game last April, I noted how I preferred playing with the 3DS controls as opposed to the touch controls found on Android and iOS. Minecraft on the 3DS has since received a slew of updates adding considerable content and features to the game. Sadly though, it seems that the most recent update to Minecraft 3DS (1.9.19) will be the last for this edition, as Mojang has announced that they are ending development on the 3DS platform.
2018-07-23 04:10:22

Thoughts on Captain Toad for the 3DS

Today I had the chance to sit down and play through the Captain Toad demo on my sons Nintendo 2DS, and found myself pleasantly supersized and wanting for more. Here are my thoughts and impressions on the short playtime I had with this fun puzzle adventure game.

Now apparently, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker was released all the way back in 2014 for the Nintendo Wii U. This was news to me, as I had literally just heard about this game when the demo popped up on my sons Nintendo 2DS homescreen the other day via Nintendo SpotPass. Obviously when he saw this shiny new present sitting there on his homescreen, he was eager to download it, so his Mom and I allowed the download, and about 20 minutes later he was playing Captain Toad.

At first, he had troubles figuring out how to play the game (he is only four years old, after all). Naturally, the first thing he does is gives the 2DS (which he calls a Game Boy) to Mommy so she can figure out how to play it. So she played for a little bit and ultimately got stuck on the stage where you are fighting some lava dragon monster thing, and she gave up. I asked her what she thought of the game, and her reply was that "it's probably something you would like."
2018-04-19 04:15:29

Minecraft 3DS Review

Minecraft was originally released back in 2009, and I personally have been playing various editions of it since the summer of 2010. To date, I have purchased Minecraft as the original Java edition, on Android, on iOS, on Xbox, and now my most recent purchase, Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition. So why have I purchased so many editions of Minecraft? And is the New Nintendo 3DS Edition of Minecraft worth the cost? Only one of those questions has a reasonable answer, so read on to find out in my review of Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition!
2018-04-14 00:46:51

Is the Nintendo 2DS XL Worth Getting in 2018?

I wanted to go over an important question that many of you might be pondering in the current era of the Nintendo Switch that we find ourselves in. Is the Nintendo 2DS XL still worth getting in 2018, or is this a dead console on it's last leg? This is a question my family and I pondered late last year when Super Mario Odyssey came out on the Switch, leading me to decide that I really needed a Nintendo Switch. So I pondered it for a while, looked at the reviews, pondered it some more, and finally took the family to the store with the intention of coming home with a new Switch. About an hour later, we came home with three brand new 3DS series consoles instead! What happened?
2018-04-13 21:39:32

Welcome to Pocket Champions!

Alright everybody, welcome to Pocket Champions, a new blog site dedicated to mobile video game reviews, including handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. In this introductory post, I'd just like to tell you about myself, my idea for the site, and what I plan on doing here.